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off to the races

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Finally, one century later… time resumes.

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why all the merdudes gotta have the cool ass shark fins? why can’t some merladies have cool sharkfins and the merdudes have some sparkly ass beautiful scales that you need metaphors about rainbows to describe

i wanna see a cute merlady with a fucking killer whale for half her body chatting up some cute merdude with a rainbowfish tail ok 


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Happy Birthday Joseph.

those bonus that I used in this CG:

CCR album cover  SuzieQ

The Beatles album cover 

U2 album cover Achtung Caby

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam album cover

Pink Floyd album cover

Led zeppline logo design


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My gif.

* The correct usage of Zepplin’s golden spin*

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Sorry for the huge delay! (again sob) But finally: here’s my little sister’s reactions to episode 10 of Free! Eternal Summer!

This is one of her favorite episodes of the season so far because it has her favorite character in it (Fish Master, of course), so naturally she had quite a bit to say about it. Not always nice things, but funny things nonetheless, right? … yes, she is a bit of a dark child ahaaa…

Episode 11 is coming soon! In the meantime, check out her other hilarious reactions here!

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